Under the previous CREST project, we developed advanced automatic music-understanding technologies that estimate important elements of music, such as melody, beat, and chorus sections (music structure), by analyzing musical audio signals. In addition, we have developed and released web-based music services that not only allow users to passively appreciate music content, but also more actively enjoy it.
For the ACCEL project, we will enhance the automatic music-understanding technologies described above, and establish foundational technologies that enable large-scale analysis and synthesis of diverse music content. In addition, we will develop foundational technologies that support users in three respects: content appreciation, creation, and co-creation (the act of creating more valuable content and communities by collaborating with others). Furthermore, we seek to contribute to developing the next-generation media content industry by building a service platform that utilizes these technologies, thereby enabling various services such as content appreciation support services, creation support services, and co-creation support services to be realized.